Girl and the wolf 

Once upon a time, in the wilderness of the night

A girl ran with all her might

Darkness surrounded her from all directions 

All around, there was suspicion 

Running from a wolf wanting to rip her apart

The wolf she loved once, with all her heart

Stranded in the jungle,

Her faith began to crumble

The howling of the ripper became stronger 

There was no one around any longer

Instead of waiting for a saviour,

Herself planned to demolish the traitor,

Minutes later, he lay on the floor, lifeless 

Elated, she danced in her pretty dress

Darkness began to fade away

Sun peeped from the sky

While she walked out of the night

Her smile, brighter than the sunlight!


2 thoughts on “Girl and the wolf 

  1. What a delight to read …..shalini ….after reading Mumbai article I am sure most of the readers too will fall in love with Mumbai ….. Good going ….may your pen never stop n your creativity sees no boundaries…. God bless

    Liked by 1 person

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