As  I tread along the forest,

Looking for a place to rest

I find wonders hidden inside

Darkness is just an excuse

For those who can’t find a muse

Sound of the rattling leaves

Creaking of the crickets

Music, hidden among the noise

Skies all clear with a hint of turquoise 

Shooting stars do make wishes come true

Solitude, tends to grow on you!

Which direction to go,

May seem nothing less than a limbo

Countless roads ahead

Zillions of questions in the head

Raging winds, flocking bats

Not a companion to have a chat

As i began to wonder, 

And my mind began to wander

I realized, 

All travelers were once solitary souls

Waiting for a mystery to unfold

Gladly, they ran away from doubts, 

Shutting endless mouths

Sailed along the path less traveled by

Even if the oceans ran dry

Unclear whether they’d win or lose

Quite content being a recluse…

So I stood up with a stern will and an iron heart

Swept the doubts aside to weave my path


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