Surreal yet so real,

Multidimensional yet so simple

Transports you to a new world

Whether it’s in the tune or the words

A feeling so deep, 

An emotion so unique

Music, is one of the wonders

Which forces you to ponder

Hurricanes of the mind,

Or the senses of the blind

To all the instabilities 

There’s just one remedy

That lies in the rhythm

Rich or poor, no chasm

Exploring feelings so profound

Deeper self not easily found

It’s in the music, perhaps the lyrics

Not even the drugs can mimic

Windows and doors, vibrate

And the souls, liberate

There’s harmony in the system

The sanest minds fall victim

To the vibrations

The endless possibilities, no obligations

There’s something about music

So unclear, yet so lucid

You stumble upon a version of you

That may not be true

There’s a song for every mood

Energy that every song exudes

Some for tears, some for smiles

Some for the journey through miles & miles

There’s a lifetime hidden in a song

All you need to do is just sing along..


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