What if…. 

What if…

Broken glasses could mend 

Big egos could bend

Your heart stopped to rest

Sun rose from the west

Gravity pulled you towards the sky

All oceans ran dry

What if…

Fathers gave birth

Moon was bigger than the earth

Seasons didn’t change

People weren’t strange

You teared up when happy

Or you laughed when unhappy 

What if…

Everything was upside down

And the kings gave up their crown

We were born old, died young

No song was ever sung

Music didn’t exist

Winters brought no mist

Silence and noise existed in harmony

Life, without irony

What if…

There were more than two second chances

Love was not just about romance

What we say is what we meant

Death was devoid of regrets

Why do we keep doubting 

Why do we keep questioning 

Those questions which hold no significance 

Answers aren’t necessary for existence 

Keep moving through thick and thin

Before questioning, inspect within.


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