Dear Self 

Dear self, 
Remember when nothing made sense? 

Those dark days when you were tense? 

Days felt like centuries,

Shoulders burdened with memories

When you felt all the sad songs 

And wonder where do you belong?
Remember the long drives ?

With no destination to arrive

When you locked yourself up 

Tears in eyes, you told yourself to cheer up

All your strength you had to muster

Just to breathe or to lift a finger
Dear self,

Look how far you’ve come

Turn around, see the hurdles you’ve overcome

Look at that frail figure

As opposed to the nimble soldier

Why? oh why? 

Do you want to destroy

All the legacy you’ve created 

Don’t let it go wasted

For life is a tug of war

As it is now as was before
Be like the sea

Incredibly huge and as deep as it can be

Reflect the light that falls on you

Red or black, but synonymous with blue

Sailers will come, sailers will go

Help them sail, never let them douse

For once they reach the depth, 

Your grandiose will take away their breath !


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