Free birds 

Speak to me, 

Hold my hand and fly with me

Let’s bask in the sun 

Cut all strings and run

All we do is whine and repent

And count our endless dents

We talk, they hear

In from one, out from the other ear

Not even a single soul

Asked me about my smudged kohl

Or your puffy eyes

Why is it that only we see our cries? 

Time has come, 

Let’s not keep mum

Climb the highest peak

Scream and let the noise speak

Don’t you want to get wet in the rain?

Lose your inhibitions and park your brain

To a place unknown

Dive into a parallel universe and drown?

We can have all that we want

Forget the past, not let it haunt

Start afresh from zero

And be our own heroes

Now is the moment 

Don’t let them torment 

Say the word,

And we’ll be free birds!


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