The Necessary Devil

The little devil in us,

Is he worthy of our trust?

He questions a lot

And puts us on the spot

Those lethargic mornings 

He creeps without a warning

Sits on your mirror and draws, 

All your attention to your flaws

Commands your brain 

Learnings of yesterday, go in vain

Obscures your perception 

And you see only the wrong decisions

Skinny ones find themselves inadequate 

Healthy ones, not quite appropriate 

The little devil stays

Every second, all the days

Tempts you to be curious

Even though the consequences may be serious

Leads you astray 

Ultimately you do fall prey

The devil makes you question 

When your mind makes a decision 

It runs at a fast pace

When it sees the lover’s face

Plays with butterflies in stomach 

Sends a shiver down the neck

It fools you, every time

Even when the lover commits a crime

Our little devil resides in our chest

Slightly to the left, is his nest

Some call it the big troubler

Some name it the hustler 

Truth is, you cannot stay apart

Yes, that little devil is our heart

The troublemaker calls shotgun 

Unaware of brain’s jargons

Takes the front seat

Mistakes, you may repeat 

For all i know, 

It helps you go down below

Further into yourself

Explore and fight with oneself

Some let it drive

Some let it deprive 

They may rave and rant

But only a heart can decant

The miseries filled up till the brim

No matter how grim..

Let the little devil loose
After all, till when can you hit snooze?


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