Open Doors

(Background: Open doors – anything that is conventional, anything that you are “supposed” to do basis the norms of the society. For eg, marrying under the pressure of ones family or society. 

Closed doors – something you secretly want to do for yourself, something to nourish your own interests. 

For eg, being rebellious and chasing what your heart says is right) 

Who says open doors are easy to cross?

Many reach the edge and turn around

The path comprises of indecision 

While either ends define precision 

Open doors, scare some

Open doors, are troublesome 

From a distance, they throw light 

As we go closer, focus goes out of sight

Friends on the other side

Give hope and take pride

Confusing as they may be, 

Don’t compare them with galaxies

galaxies are countless, devoid of life forms 

To the surface are horrendous storms
Open Doors are ample 

Ask the elderly, for example 

With years, black turns to grey

Atheists turn to pray

Furthermore, grey turns to dust

And then the door to heaven, is a must!

There’s a door between awake and asleep

And a door between shallow and deep seas
They say, full of possibilities, 

Open to probabilities 

If open doors are such

Are the closed ones not so much? 


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