The City of Dreams..

The sun comes up just the same way

And the moon lights up the night sky

Massive skyscrapers initially mesmerize

But they are monsters dolled up to disguise 

The wind doesn’t seem friendly anymore

These routes now seem hostile unlike before

The off beat aura of this city

And the sea that is incredibly pretty

Now seem harsh, almost fiendish

Each moment, a feeling so pittish 

The undying hustle bustle 

Seem similar to words that ramble

Once i laughed and smiled

Cringe now, as i was beguiled 

Hunky dory feeling slowly fading away

This welcoming city eventually come to slay!

Millions pour in with heads full of dreams 

Unaware of the extremes 

Time goes on, and then you grieve 

My poor friends! This city of dreams has a zillion secrets up it’s sleeve! 


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