The Soulmate

I know when i meet you

You’ll make me forget the blue

I’ll think and you’ll speak 

You’ll be my strength when I’m weak

Our hands will blend together perfectly 

As if they’re sculpted to fit beautifully 

Even your morning voice will be melody 

Not even strangers will deny our chemistry 

Days when I’ll be fussy

I know you won’t be too pushy 

You’ll adore me when i feel dejected 

Hug me tight, make me feel protected 

Some days won’t be as smooth as ice

But we’ll make up without thinking twice

Every bump will bring us closer 

Setbacks are the best forms of teachers 

My dear soulmate, 

One day our breaths will be in harmony 

We will no longer blame time’s tyranny 

Our different worlds will collaborate 

Every moment thereon, we will celebrate 

For when that day arrives,

Solution to existing confusion, I’ll derive! 


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