When a smile isn’t enough to feel happy 

And a meal isn’t why you’re hungry

A sound sleep isn’t enough to ward off fatigue

And finding love seems out of your league 

Each day, you play along 

Yet realise this isn’t where you belong

The inadequacy continues to grow

“Not enough”, you know down below 

Like running water, awaiting to go places

Or the rolling stone running towards flat surfaces

Inevitable is this inadequacy 

Even then, hearts seek stability

You build a house brick by brick

In it, you still feel homesick 

Be it materialistic pleasures

Or profound spiritual treasures 

In the end, this universe is seeking for stability 

Hence, justifiable is it’s hostility 

Be the swiftly running water 

or the raging thunder

Stability is elusive

And happiness as a concept – is delusive!


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