As the hand waves to say goodbye, our soul trembles. There’s something about goodbyes – tragic yet fulfilling. It is like cutting a part of yourself and drowning it in the ocean. Even if you dive into it many years down the line, you will not find that piece. 

Endings are never easy. Ending a book you’ve been engrossed in is never easy. As the end approaches, the gloom of closing the book and setting it aside on the shelf makes one uneasy. Same goes with painters, once the painting is complete, the entire process of creating that piece of art and pouring your emotions on that piece of canvas ends.

Goodbyes are often synonymous with suffering. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. There are millions of books awaiting to be read, innumerable canvases awaiting to be painted. 

We fight, we fidget, we destroy ourselves. We hit the deepest pits of existence. But little do we realize that amidst the dark clouds, There’s always a silver lining. 

The universe is constantly changing. Give it time, this is just the beginning.


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