I have no words left in me

No anchor to bind me

I have traveled to the other side

In search for someone to match my stride 

I walked and walked 

Reached a home and knocked 

They let me in

Knew the demons within 

They fed my hunger,

They forgave me for my blunders

I didn’t hide 

Told them all, never lied

They wiped my tears

Heard me with all their ears

A pat on my back

And i hoped to get back on track 

A kiss on my forehead

And i slept at ease on my bed

When sun shone brighter

We basked in it and felt lighter

When the snow hit the ground

We were home bound

Always held on, 

Until one day I was gone

Nomads travel 

Build a home and then they paddle

If they stay longer

The demons inside get stronger

Transient, carefree

That’s how travelers are born to be. 


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