Safe Haven

A phone call from my old man

Packing my bags, thus began

A journey to my humble abode

Pace of life, suddenly slowed

Sans the skyscrapers and mob

My city, is a heartthrob

Envying the tranquility 

Amazed at the docility

Strangely, the days turn longer

Body feels stronger

Heartfelt embraces connect the hearts 

All the pieces of the puzzle 

Automatically reunite and assemble 

There lies no need to play charades

Gladly, exhibit all real shades

This is it, this is where it all began

You travel the globe, but this is where you return

My old man says, the world outside 

Is a cauldron of agony and spite

Nonetheless, you have to dive in

This is where it begins

Sharpen your sword,

Tighten those chords,

Enemies hide behind the camouflage

Ready to ambush, with their entourage

Go ahead and fight the war

And come back, not less than a Victor! 


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