The Soulmate

I know when i meet you

You’ll make me forget the blue

I’ll think and you’ll speak 

You’ll be my strength when I’m weak

Our hands will blend together perfectly 

As if they’re sculpted to fit beautifully 

Even your morning voice will be melody 

Not even strangers will deny our chemistry 

Days when I’ll be fussy

I know you won’t be too pushy 

You’ll adore me when i feel dejected 

Hug me tight, make me feel protected 

Some days won’t be as smooth as ice

But we’ll make up without thinking twice

Every bump will bring us closer 

Setbacks are the best forms of teachers 

My dear soulmate, 

One day our breaths will be in harmony 

We will no longer blame time’s tyranny 

Our different worlds will collaborate 

Every moment thereon, we will celebrate 

For when that day arrives,

Solution to existing confusion, I’ll derive! 


The City of Dreams..

The sun comes up just the same way

And the moon lights up the night sky

Massive skyscrapers initially mesmerize

But they are monsters dolled up to disguise 

The wind doesn’t seem friendly anymore

These routes now seem hostile unlike before

The off beat aura of this city

And the sea that is incredibly pretty

Now seem harsh, almost fiendish

Each moment, a feeling so pittish 

The undying hustle bustle 

Seem similar to words that ramble

Once i laughed and smiled

Cringe now, as i was beguiled 

Hunky dory feeling slowly fading away

This welcoming city eventually come to slay!

Millions pour in with heads full of dreams 

Unaware of the extremes 

Time goes on, and then you grieve 

My poor friends! This city of dreams has a zillion secrets up it’s sleeve! 

Open Doors

(Background: Open doors – anything that is conventional, anything that you are “supposed” to do basis the norms of the society. For eg, marrying under the pressure of ones family or society. 

Closed doors – something you secretly want to do for yourself, something to nourish your own interests. 

For eg, being rebellious and chasing what your heart says is right) 

Who says open doors are easy to cross?

Many reach the edge and turn around

The path comprises of indecision 

While either ends define precision 

Open doors, scare some

Open doors, are troublesome 

From a distance, they throw light 

As we go closer, focus goes out of sight

Friends on the other side

Give hope and take pride

Confusing as they may be, 

Don’t compare them with galaxies

galaxies are countless, devoid of life forms 

To the surface are horrendous storms
Open Doors are ample 

Ask the elderly, for example 

With years, black turns to grey

Atheists turn to pray

Furthermore, grey turns to dust

And then the door to heaven, is a must!

There’s a door between awake and asleep

And a door between shallow and deep seas
They say, full of possibilities, 

Open to probabilities 

If open doors are such

Are the closed ones not so much? 


The Necessary Devil

The little devil in us,

Is he worthy of our trust?

He questions a lot

And puts us on the spot

Those lethargic mornings 

He creeps without a warning

Sits on your mirror and draws, 

All your attention to your flaws

Commands your brain 

Learnings of yesterday, go in vain

Obscures your perception 

And you see only the wrong decisions

Skinny ones find themselves inadequate 

Healthy ones, not quite appropriate 

The little devil stays

Every second, all the days

Tempts you to be curious

Even though the consequences may be serious

Leads you astray 

Ultimately you do fall prey

The devil makes you question 

When your mind makes a decision 

It runs at a fast pace

When it sees the lover’s face

Plays with butterflies in stomach 

Sends a shiver down the neck

It fools you, every time

Even when the lover commits a crime

Our little devil resides in our chest

Slightly to the left, is his nest

Some call it the big troubler

Some name it the hustler 

Truth is, you cannot stay apart

Yes, that little devil is our heart

The troublemaker calls shotgun 

Unaware of brain’s jargons

Takes the front seat

Mistakes, you may repeat 

For all i know, 

It helps you go down below

Further into yourself

Explore and fight with oneself

Some let it drive

Some let it deprive 

They may rave and rant

But only a heart can decant

The miseries filled up till the brim

No matter how grim..

Let the little devil loose
After all, till when can you hit snooze?


Free birds 

Speak to me, 

Hold my hand and fly with me

Let’s bask in the sun 

Cut all strings and run

All we do is whine and repent

And count our endless dents

We talk, they hear

In from one, out from the other ear

Not even a single soul

Asked me about my smudged kohl

Or your puffy eyes

Why is it that only we see our cries? 

Time has come, 

Let’s not keep mum

Climb the highest peak

Scream and let the noise speak

Don’t you want to get wet in the rain?

Lose your inhibitions and park your brain

To a place unknown

Dive into a parallel universe and drown?

We can have all that we want

Forget the past, not let it haunt

Start afresh from zero

And be our own heroes

Now is the moment 

Don’t let them torment 

Say the word,

And we’ll be free birds!


Dear Self 

Dear self, 
Remember when nothing made sense? 

Those dark days when you were tense? 

Days felt like centuries,

Shoulders burdened with memories

When you felt all the sad songs 

And wonder where do you belong?
Remember the long drives ?

With no destination to arrive

When you locked yourself up 

Tears in eyes, you told yourself to cheer up

All your strength you had to muster

Just to breathe or to lift a finger
Dear self,

Look how far you’ve come

Turn around, see the hurdles you’ve overcome

Look at that frail figure

As opposed to the nimble soldier

Why? oh why? 

Do you want to destroy

All the legacy you’ve created 

Don’t let it go wasted

For life is a tug of war

As it is now as was before
Be like the sea

Incredibly huge and as deep as it can be

Reflect the light that falls on you

Red or black, but synonymous with blue

Sailers will come, sailers will go

Help them sail, never let them douse

For once they reach the depth, 

Your grandiose will take away their breath !



Facade of bodies

Gateway to souls

Faces, are the boldest of em all

We see hundreds daily

Details, not visible clearly

Cold exterior 

Tornadoes in the interior

Faces smile, faces frown, 

Sometimes, the smile turns upside down

Inexpressive, poker faces

Or cheerful, joker faces

Fresh in the morning

Sad in the mourning 

Young faces, curious

Old faces, serious

Depressed faces, trying hard

Even when the minds are stirred

Serene like Mother’s faces

Fake, like masks in some cases

Faces are nice to look at

Often used to combat

What goes inside

Whether it’s my side or your side 

If Faces tell a million lies

Truth is hidden in them eyes!